Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students

Ever have questions about your rights regarding education records? This short video highlights the key points of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).




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1) Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online
    Educational Services – Model Terms of Service
2) Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online
    Educational Services
3) Transparency Best Practices
4) Best Practices for Data Destruction
5) Data Breach Response Training Kit


Parents and Students: Learn more about the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO)

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The Purpose of PTAC

The U.S. Department of Education established the Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) as a “one-stop” resource for education stakeholders to learn about data privacy, confidentiality, and security practices related to student-level longitudinal data systems and other uses of student data. PTAC provides timely information and updated guidance on privacy, confidentiality, and security practices through a variety of resources, including training materials and opportunities to receive direct assistance with privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data systems.  MORE


Training Videos

PTAC has deployed the following videos to help inform the education community about the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Each of these videos is approximately 30 minutes long, and is intended as basic training for education officials, teachers, and staff at state and local education agencies and institutions.

FERPA 101: For Local Education Agencies

This video provides an overview of FERPA in the context of K-12 education.

FERPA 101: For College and University

This video training provides an overview of FERPA in the context of postsecondary education.

FERPA 201: Data Sharing under FERPA

This video training is designed to help staff and officials at educational agencies and institutions understand their responsibilities around sharing PII and other sensitive information from education records.


Intersection of FERPA and IDEA Confidentiality Provisions Webinar

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How Schools Can Share Information about Foster Children with Child Welfare Agencies Webinar

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transparency webinar recording

transparency webinar transcripttransparency webinar slides

Data Sharing Under FERPA

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FERPA for Colleges and Universities

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